One-Day Juice Detox

As we enter into the upcoming holiday season, I find myself in desperate need of a recharge and reset; mentally & physically. With the infamous holiday gluttony & drinking approaching, I really want to keep my holiday weight-gain in check. So what better way to do so, than with a good ole Juice Cleanse!

Juice cleanses, or detoxes, are ideal for ridding your body of toxins, and kick starting healthy eating habits. Everyone’s body is different, so it’s important to listen to your body and do what works for you. This was my 2nd juice cleanse, so I knew what to expect. For first-timers I recommend:

  1. Sticking to a schedule, and consuming tons of water in between each juice (Prepare yourself for the constant peeing!).

  2. Minimal exercise (if any): I’ve read accounts of people feeling light-headed or weak during juice cleanses, and I’ve experienced fatigue myself; so I wouldn’t recommend any strenuous workouts while juice cleansing.

Dieting can feel like torture when you’re consuming things that don’t taste good; so shoutout to Modern Honey for the healthy, but GOOD, juice recipes!

**Please note that, when coming off of a juice cleanse, it’s important that you ease back into eating solids (i.e. try starting with things such as oatmeal & smoothies).

RECIPES 1-Day Juice Detox

(About $65 worth of groceries)

Green Juice Ingredients

  • 2 cups (handfuls) of spinach

  • 6 celery

  • 2 cucumbers

  • 2 green apples

  • ½ lemon (peeled)

  • 1”-2” of ginger

  • ¼-½ cup of parsley leaves

Beet Juice Ingredients

  • 3 beets (peeled)

  • 6 carrots

  • 2 red apples

  • ½ lemon (peeled)

  • 1”-2” of ginger

Carrot-Orange Juice Ingredients

  • 8 large carrots

  • 2 navel oranges (peeled)

  • 1”-2” of ginger

Carrot-Apple Juice Ingredients

  • 10 carrots

  • 2 red apples

  • ¼ cup of parsley leaves


Remember to thoroughly rinse your produce prior to juicing!

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