I feel like I’ve been bombarded with sexy date night outfit inspo, but what about the girls “celebrating” their February 14th with friends?! To all the ladies celebrating Galentine’s Day with your Girl Gangs, I’ve got you covered with the outfit inspo! I know the 14th is approaching fast, so I’m offering a few ideas on how to easily accessorize & incorporate holiday-specific motives (hearts, red/pink, & more hearts) into your fits!

Look 1

Heart Tights + Red Leather Skirt + Houndstooth = Galentine’s Fashion

I bought these from Asos for $8, around the holidays, but I’ve been seeing them everywhere! If you don’t have a red skirt, a black skirt will work just fine! You could even pair them with a red top, or all black with a bold red lip!

Look 2


This top is so basic it would work with anything; however, by knotting the tee, and pairing it with this long maxi skirt & moto jacket I created more of an edgy look. My favorite part of this whole look is the velvet headband. I feel like oftentimes people neglect to accessorize their looks. The right accessories can make a look, so don’t be afraid to accessorize with bold colors & prints!

Look 3

Add some Feminist Fierceness

I’m sure you have a favorite basic women empowerment, slogan tee; well this happens to be mine. I bought this from Etsy a few years ago, and I plan on wearing it until the letters completely fade away! If you don’t own a red trench, try a red cardigan instead. If you’re not into bold outerwear, try adding a pop of color with a hat, handbag, or even a headband!

Look 4

More Hearts & Graphic Tees

Here’s another basic outfit pairing that works for this “holiday”, but in a nontraditional way: your fav holiday-motif tee paired with a simple cardigan, flared jeans for volume, & accessorized with a wool fedora. If you’re like me, & wear an abundance of black then this might be the perfect route for you. Aside from Galentine’s day, you can also wear this any other day of the year!

Look 5

A Pop of Pink

Almost everyone owns some variation of black & white stripes, or black & white print in general. Pair that with a pop of pink & you’re all set. A pink jacket, lipstick, skirt, shoes, whatever your heart desires. Just keep it simple & let your pop of pink be the statement!

Are you feeling inspired to celebrate your Galentine’s Day in style?!

Let me know what you think of this look inspiration, in the comments below!