We have just about made it through the first quarter of the year! Mother Nature may be saying otherwise, but according to the groundhog, spring is here: leaving us only few more months to get summertime fine!


I for one can say this year has been a real struggle, with developing a workout and diet regimen, so buckle up for a brief story time! I was always very active in my younger years because I grew up running track.  Throughout college, I pretty much stopped working out, but maintained my body up until my mid-20s.  Post college, I finally got myself back into the swing of working out routinely, and maintaining a balanced diet.  Shortly after, my job transferred me to a new state.  I kept up my workouts and dieting for the most part, but I eventually fell into a slump. I stopped working out completely, started eating everything and consuming wine practically every night, and gained about 20lbs as a result. 

A friend of mine later introduced me to an amazing trainer, Kameelah Harris, who owned her own fitness center, & led boot camp classes! I began working out with a group of women, we held each other accountable, and I learned about healthy food alternatives that actually tasted good! I lost my 20lbs, and I felt as if I reached a point in which I could stop paying for a membership and do it all on my own. Wrong! I kept the weight off for a while, but I slowly began my bad eating habits and stopped working out again. So surprise! Here I am, back 20lbs heavier, and starting back from square one!

Now I am working on getting past my yo-yo dieting & working out, and establishing more of a routine & healthy lifestyle. One of my resolutions for the year was to get back in shape, and stay there: without turning to a trainer or gym membership, but with self-discipline instead.

Recovering from St. Patty’s Day weekend and trying to get back on the healthy track can be rough, but what better way to kick-start a healthy lifestyle change than a good ole detox?! I will be doing a 3-day juice cleanse, and I’m sharing my juice recipes and schedule.  I am also sharing a grocery-shopping list and smoothie alternatives for my friends who might not own a juicer!

Of course I can’t leave out the fashion component! I will be sharing a few of my transitional go-to looks for concealing my bodily imperfections, along with links for you to shop my looks!

Juice Detox

Juice detoxes are great for flushing your body of toxins while introducing new nutrients you may of been lacking. I am no nutritionist, but from reading & researching, most juice detoxes call for 6 juices a day, with water & tea in between. This will be my first time trying a 3-day juice detox. I happened to stumble across a blog with recipes that seemed doable for me, so I’m giving this thing a try!


 It’s imperative that you drink water or tea in between each juice. I plan on drinking a minimum of 24oz of water between each juice because that’ll amount to 1 gallon.

Juice #1 & #3


Juice #2


Juice #4


Juice #5


Juice #6



Due to my busy schedule, I ordered my groceries at Walmart & picked them up. I HIGHLY reccommend this method, as it saves a ton of time & it helps you not to forget anything. If you’d like to try this out, enjoy $10 off of your first order!

For juicing, I use the Breville Compact Juice Fountain. Juicers can be a tad pricey, I actually bought mine from Letgo for $20, so if you’re ballin’ on a budget try similar apps or even Facebook Marketplace

If you want to skip purchasing second-hand, and would like to purchase a new juicer of your own, I’ve comprised a list of 5 juicers under $100 with about 4+ stars on Amazon, & ample reviews.

Feel free to use recycled bottles, or you can purchase the bottles I’m using.

If you don’t own a juicer, and don’t want to consider bothering with the hassle, try purchasing prepacked cleanses. I have a friend who has had success with the cleanses below!

Affordable alternative

Smoothie Detox

Smoothie detoxes are definitely easier, and more affordable to follow.  For a mild detox, you can simply try substituting one of your meals with a detox smoothie. This method has worked for me. If you find that you’re still hungry afterwards, try pairing with fruit, and don’t forget to drink an abundance of water! When it comes to recipes, I’m all about convenience.  I typically buy a big bag of frozen fruit, and combine that with a handful of kale or spinach, a cup of my favorite vanilla almond milk, & blend away! Lately I’ve been lazy, and I’ve been purchasing prepackaged detox smoothies & blending with almond milk.

If you’re more into taking the organic route, or you want to give a 3-day smoothie detox a try, check out Lose Weight By Eating for detailed recipe options!

Untitled Design.jpg

These days I find myself gravitating towards: cardigans, loose knit blouses, graphics tees, shirt dresses, and high-waisted bottoms. I’m big on belting my tops & dresses to add a silhouette, and avoid from looking like a walking trashbag. Until I’m back to my desired weight, I’m physically and emotionally, comfortable in looser clothes. Whether you’re experiencing bloating, pregnancy, or weight-gain like me, I hope you find some style inspiration to look good, & feel good in whatever you wear!



Are you in need of a detox? What are your thoughts on juice & smoothie cleanses?!


When you’re not feeling your body, what are some of your go-to looks?