As we progress into this new year, I’m sure you are in full blown purging mode (out with the old, in with the new?). Not that I’m trying to encourage the spirit of hoarding, but before you go tossing out your old, or out-of-season clothing, think of ways to incorporate those clothes into your winter wardrobe. That way, not only are you getting the best bang for your buck by extending the wear of your summer clothes, but you’re also refreshing your wardrobe with new styling choices. Doing laundry is one of my least favorite chores, so I’ve learned to get creative when all my fall favs aren’t available! Here are a few, nontraditional ways I make my summer clothes suitable for winter weather!


Layering Summer Tops



Try layering a tank over a turtleneck. 


Or a tube top over a blouse. 

Layering Summer Dresses



Don’t neglect your summer dresses just because they have a few cutouts! Instead try layering over a long sleeve tee, with a pair of textured tights, socks & your favorite boots! Throw on a scarf & hat to accessorize (& for added warmth). Don’t forget your coat & you’re good to go!


Bright Colors


 This might be a bit hypocritical coming from the black & white queen,  but don’t be afraid of bold “summer colors”! I tend to pair bold colors with black & white (go figure).



Layering a sweater over a maxi dress is one of my go-to looks for when I’m running late to work, especially when my laundry isn’t done. It’s just such a simple look to pair with midi boots & a moto or even a long cardigan for added volume! 


Culottes + Statement Socks


 This isn’t a “layered look” per se, but it is a great way to incorporate your cropped pants into your winter wardrobe! Plus, who says only the fellas get to rock fun, fashionable socks?!


There you have it! Appeasing grandma with layers while showing love to my summer clothes!

Have you tried any of these looks?

What are some of your fav ways to layer?